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History of the Club/ Family

Tavistock TAGB Taekwondo was formed in May 2007 and has gone from strength to strength.

Originally under Mr. Paine's instruction, the club opened its doors in the home of Tavistock College. 

Two of the first students to come through the doors are now the Instructors Mr Dan Hunt and Mrs Anna Hunt.

Mr. Hunt had previously trained back in 1996 when a TAGB club was running in Tavistock. This club unfortunately closed its doors, so when the new TAGB club opened in Tavistock Mr Hunt was delighted and joined up straight away. He had tried many other martial arts in between, but nothing fit like the family feeling and organisation of Taekwon-Do

Both Mr. and Mrs. Hunt started back at White Belt, grading in the minimum time with A passes and grading awards along the way. 

Eventually, both earned Black Belt at the same time with lots of hard work and dedication.

At first, Mrs. Hunt only came along to try Taekwondo to keep Mr Hunt company.

Mr. Hunt had the chance to take on his dream of becoming a taekwondo Instructor.

This was made better by it being Tavistock Taekwondo.

With over 25 years of martial arts experience, he loved this new achievement.

The club since it opened has produced Multiple Local, National, and World Champions and Medalists. These have been achieved in Patterns, Sparring, and Destruction.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Hunt are currently 3rd Degree Black Belts working towards 4th.

They are both TAGB and BTC qualified instructors and are level 3 first aid qualified along with enhanced DBS ( used to be CRB) checked.

In March 2020, Mr. Hunt agreed to take on another Club this was Launceston Taekwondo.

A club originally founded in 1996.

On his way to teach his first lesson as the club's instructor Covid lockdown hit hard and shut down all Taekwondo teaching.

Calling on all the Tenets of Taekwondo we continued to Train in various rooms dodging children, Parents,s and animals. Good old Zoom came to the rescue. Eventually, we trained outside in all weather conditions.

After we were allowed we all got back to the Dojangs and started to rebuild the Clubs we dropped to about 40 students.  We now have over 70 students training between both clubs.

and still growing.

With both clubs under the same belt, we are going from strength to strength.

So if you have taken the time to read this you must be interested. Come along and give it a go free for your first month.

Mr. and Mrs. Hunt did look where they are now.

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